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Different Style Tattoos

Black and Grey Work Color Tattoo work

Wendys crow feather

A silouette can be a very good idea for a tattoo if you are going to be getting a lot of sunlinght and do not want to lose color.

The detroit "d" in american flag colors

Color tattoos can stay very colorful and vivid as long as they are kept out of the suns ultraviolet rays.

Daughters name

I never reccomend tattooing names on your body but the names of loved ones and your kids are ok as long as you are sure that you will not one day regret putting that reminder on your body for all time.

skull with daggar

Instead of using names in relationships many people use matching or complimentary graphics that suggest a connection between them but the rest of the world may just see them as a normal design.

memorial of grandmother

This is a memorial tattoo that meant a lot to the client reminding him of his grandmother. This is a perfect idea of an acceptable time to put a name on you.

rosary around ankle

Some people like to incorperate religous symbolism into their tattoo art to embrace certain religious beliefs. Others simply like the way they look.

Benny's tribal

Tribal tattoos are very popular symetrical designs that can many different meanings. This particular piece was done by the clients cousin and I "refurbished" it so that it looked more like a tattoo than a bad oil spill.

corset bow tattoo

Many people get tattoos because of the look they create, This bow and ribbon are supposed to resemble a corset piercing where the ribbon would be laced through her back!

foot with star tattoos

Stars are very popular tattoo designs right now.

nature scene

Melanie is working on mixing together a nature scene.

life/death anagram

This tattoo says life and when flipped it says death. This type of art is called anagram.

lotus flower

In this case we are trying to blend color and black and grey art.

name in cross

Many people like to incorperate their kids names into their tattoos.

bonsai tree

This bonsai tree shows how many colors can be blended to make a design look good.Notice how many different colors are in the bark alone.

angel babies

Another example of kids names incorperated with a design.

hibiscus flower

This Hibiscus flower came out nice on Alicia's foot.

metal melicia skulls

Not all little girls get cute little tattoos!

jeckel bros.

some tattoo's can get away with little to no outline as long as the colors stand off each other enough to define each other.


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