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Coming Soon!

Now that I have started to put together a web page and started construction on 3 new business endeavors I hope to be able to keep everyone interested up to speed with a blog here on www.StabAvery.com. It is my intention to use the blog to keep everyone posted on our upcoming events as well as specials on products and overall progress of projects we are working on in the lab!

I have been putting off having any T-shirts made until I am able to tie all of our projects together under one major business name. I will have some A& B Productions shirts made as well as some StabAvery.com T-shirts but look forward to a web design project as well as The Devil’s Lab which is currently under construction both physically and online!

Retail Items:
With the installation of all the new groups and social activities that come along with running a Tattoo Studio/ Web design/ Fab Shop/ Laboratory, I hope to have some retail items up for sale. I will be selling many of our vehicle projects including both High performance motorcycles and cars to make room for new projects as we go along. We also hope to offer schematics and do-it-yourself plans for many of the projects going on in the lab since they will have to be modified on an individual basis to suit each customer’s needs.

The Devil’s Lab:
After years of gathering information and playing with ideas in garages we are finally happy to start sharing our experiments with the world! We play with everything from alternative fuels to homemade gadgets and offer many answers to some of today’s common problems. We also test ideas we have heard about and plan on keeping a video blog of all of our projects and I am sure through trial and error you will at least see some things go boom!

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